Terms Of Service


Purchase of any ValuePak shall signify full acceptance of these Terms Of Service.

Rights Reserved

We reserve the right to change and/or amend these Terms Of Service without prior notice. We also reserve the right to be the sole arbiter and interpreter of these Terms Of Service in the event of a disagreement regarding their meaning.

Terms Used In This Document

The overall term 'ValuePaks' refers to the business operated from the website at the URL http://www.ebooks-and-software.101answers.com, the core commercial objectives of which are the promotion, sales and distribution of collections of ebooks and/or videos and/or podcasts and/or software and/or similar digital goods.

In order to avoid repetition, the terms 'we', 'our' or 'us' mean the registered owner(s) of ValuePaks.

The individual term 'ValuePak' or the term 'packages' refer to collections of ebooks, software etc. as described above, that are designated as such and given an identifying name that encompasses a particular 'niche' or 'special interest'.

All packages are graded according to value. Therefore the term 'Bronze' ValuePak denotes one that is sold for $7.00, a 'Silver' ValuePak is one that sells for $14.00, and a 'Gold' ValuePak is one that is priced at $21.00. All dollar signs denote values in US dollars.

Rights And Obligations

We are not the creators of the products contained in our packages and therefore do not in any way endorse, or vouch for the contents of any documents or digital goods included in any package sold as a ValuePak.

For the same reason, we cannot accept any responsibility for the veracity of any information contained in any ebooks or other digital goods or for the usefulness of any application, program or other software.

We have a policy of ongoing improvement to our packages and therefore any changes, omissions, or alterations made in respect of any packages we sell is to be expected.

Many items within our packages include Full Resale Rights. However, there are a few to which this doesn't apply and some Resale Rights terms vary. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to read and comply with all Resale Rights including any restrictions for individual products.

We reserve the right to investigate any or all complaints regarding the improper use of any material provided to customers, including any instances of exceeding license limitations, and to take whatever action is deemed appropriate in the event of violations.


There are a large number of individual digital products in each ValuePak, many of which are being made available at cost or less. For this reason, and because of the numbers involved, it would be virtually impossible for us to reclaim those goods or the intellectual properties involved. Therefore refunds will not be undertaken unless quite exceptional circumstances are involved. However, any such legitimate and reasonable requests will be given due consideration provided the proper steps are completed as follows:

    1. A request must be made via the form provided on the Contact page within 30 days of purchase;
    2. The reason for the request must be clear and unambiguous;
    3. Any extenuating circumstances must be spelt out in detail;
    4. An undertaking must be included to the effect that no further use, no matter how small or unintentional, will ever be made of any of the components within any ValuePak;
    5. It must include an acknowledgment of our right to take legal action in respect of any breaches of faith regarding the aforementioned undertaking.

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