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Web 2.0 is a term that still confuses a majority of Internet users but anyone who is a contributor to the WWW, whether they be content providers, web programmers or Internet marketers, needs to understand it now because Web 2.0 is the way of the future. By way of explanation, Web 2.0 is the 'feeling' of the 'glossy' era that was ushered in by burgeoning technology advances such as Windows Vista, by multi-media advances that made possible the wide-spread adoption of video, podcasting, mp3s, Internet TV and radio etc. and most of all by the phenomenon of interactivity on a grand scale like social networks and virtual communities of all sorts. In short, the World Wide Web has evolved at last from a fascinating communication tool into a place, a sort of parallel universe called cyberspace that has become a new and exciting virtual world where you can, if you so choose, play, work, and indeed live!

That's why you'll find the contents of this superb collection of software and ebooks, as shown below, so valuable. It covers every aspect of this genre of marketing. Just look at what you get...

32 Amazing Software Programs And Ebooks

Allowing you to:

  • Really Make Money With Web 2.0, Social Networking, Membership Sites Etc.
  • Incorporate Audio, Video And Web 2.0 Graphics Seemlessly Onto Your Site
  • Spread Your Content Across The Web And Get More Traffic With RSS
  • Make Proper Use Of High Traffic Sites (MySpace, FaceBook, Etc)
  • Broadcast Your Message By Creating And Distributing Podcasts
  • Use 'Skype' To Create New Products And Content In Minutes
  • And Much, Much More

This Social Marketing Tools package, like all our ValuePaks, is an absolute bargain at only $28.00 (U.S.). And we don't call them ValuePaks for nothing. Add up the total worth of this collection, as shown by the current 'going rates' on their sales pages, and you end up with a value of well over $1200 not including over $200 worth of bonuses if you buy now! Scroll down the list below to get a true picture of the unbeatable quality of this collection and its tremendous potential for saving time and enhancing creativity.

Compare The Value

The following thumbnail descriptions give a brief outline of each item included in this ValuePak and each concludes with a link to the actual sales page where that ebook or software app is normally displayed. There you can read more about it and also see the price that it normally fetches. These are the genuine going rates that they are currently being sold for—and nearly all of them have already been heavily discounted! If you add up these discounted prices (they're also shown in brackets after the titles below) you'll quickly come to realize what a tremendous offer this is. Not only that but, as a special bonus, most come complete with Resale Rights and this usually includes all the graphics, and in most cases, sales page templates too. All links open in a new window, which allows you to view the sales pages but easily return here when you're done.

Instant Video Suite (discounted price $29.97)

Instant Video Suite

Show your customers exactly what you want them to see and sky-rocket your sales through the roof! Wow every visitor with stunning, top-notch multi-media streaming video presentations and convert each of them into buying customers.

Create stunning video presentations with just a few mouse clicks and use them as a sales tools on your website. Record short powerful 'Live' sales messages via webcam and put them on your website within just a few minutes. Include affiliate links on your videos and earn attractive commissions as you market products or services. Include how-to video guides for each of your products or services and include them in your product manual. Train your affiliates how to sell more by showing them your killer marketing tactics in a way no words can ever demonstrate.

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IPC Audio Wizard (discounted price $37.00)

IPC Audio Wizard

Does your website talk? If your answer is no, you could be losing a small fortune. Audio has the ability to triple your website's sales.

With the new IPC Audio Wizard you can add audio to your website in 5 minutes flat... and never pay a monthly fee! No monthly fees, no setup costs! Record directly from your computer microphone! No additional hardware or software required! Create unlimited buttons, any size, any length!

This has got to be the easiest way to create unlimited audio buttons for your web sites, e-books, ebay auctions and more. Or you could sell your product with streaming audio.

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Social Traffic Videos With PLR (discounted price $19.97)

Social Traffic Videos

Now you can own eighteen video tutorials that you can call your own that will show you how to get hundreds of new visitors every day using Web 2.0 social networks.

The tutorials include such social networking sites as Gather, Yahoo360, Squidoo, Meetup and Multiply, among others. Use them to generate traffic and sales in ways that you never, in your wildest dreams, thought possible. And all at one unbelievable price! And don't forget, you also get full Private Label Rights too, which means that you can sell them and keep the profits, rename them if you want, give them away, etc.

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Unlimited Social Traffic (discounted price $9.97)

Unlimited Social Traffic

Want more customers and profits? Discover seven powerful ways to generate free, unlimited traffic to your site.

Spending your hard-earned money on advertising can become a big expense for your business over time. It requires a lot of your attention—testing, tracking, your time and lots of money. What other methods are you spending on? Truth is, you're probably not getting the results you want. Now there's a free way to generate more business to any of my sites using high traffic social media sites, and the traffic is highly targeted!

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Profiting From Web 2.0 Sites (discounted price $27.00)

Profiting From Web 2.0 Sites

Learn how to leverage the power of Web 2.0 even if you are a total dummy at I.T! What was effective a year ago may be obsolete now, even extinct. Worse still, there are many who seem to have discovered the secrets of making money on the web and who are making a handsome profit from it. You could be forgiven for throwing envious glances at their new-found wealth.

This ebook covers: why blogs are the weapon of choice for today's Internet marketers; tips for building a successful blog; publicity methods that are free of charge; how to effectively use social bookmarking like a marketing rapier that pierces the competition; how to utilize social networking sites so that you know what your prospects want and how to get them to invest without it being a turn-off; knowing when to use audio, video or podcasting on your blog. And much, much more.

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Easy Niche Audio Products Video Course (discounted price $47.00)

Easy Niche Audio Products Video Course

Discover how you can make money in any niche so quickly and easily you'll be amazed!

Sure, you've seen a bunch of high priced DVD sets and courses that say they are going to teach you how to make money in niche markets. But do any of them show you how to do it without buying thousands of dollars in unnecessary software or without hiring ghost writers?

Now you can make interactive multi-media courses that your users will love without even having to speak! It's going to add a new level to your products!

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RSS Directory Announcer (discounted price $197.00 with Resale Rights)

RSS Directory Announcer

Would you like thousands of other websites all displaying your content and linking back to your site?

Instantly and automatically submit your feeds to all of the major RSS feed directories on the Internet. Imagine the power of thousands of other websites displaying your RSS feeds on their websites for content. Do you think that will drive you some extra traffic? RSS feeds are a give-and-take operation. You can create massive web sites displaying other people's RSS feeds, which are great for driving search engine spiders. This works especially well for making money with programs such as Google Adsense or also for promoting affiliate programs.

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Building A Business Network Through MySpace (discounted price $9.97)

Building A Business Network Through MySpace

This essential ebook contains all you need to know about how to use MySpace to grow your business and generate traffic to your website... and so much more.

Here are a just few of the many topics covered, chosen at random to give you an idea of the value: promoting your business on MySpace; selling your products on MySpace; advertising on MySpace; generating traffic to your MySpace website; getting noticed on MySpace; security and privacy on MySpace; and so on and so on.

Warning: it's like having a business with no face if you're not in MySpace! Click the link below to discover these hot selling ebooks and software now!

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Podcasting Made Easy (discounted price $37.00)

Podcasting Made Easy

Discover how to boost your online profits with podcasts and start raking in the profits that are spilling out of the podcasting industry.

In September 2004, Google had less than 25 hits for the keyword 'podcasting'. Just one year later (September 2005) Google was recording more than 61 million hits for the same word! Expert marketers are still jumping on this opportunity. And now, so can you. Create best-selling information products without writing one word. Stake your claim to residual profits with monthly podcasts that ensure members put cash in your pocket twelve times a year. Conquer a virtually untapped market that's ripe for the picking. Unlike past technology advances, podcasting is very simple for even the beginning computer user.

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StumbleUpon Exposed (discounted price $14.95)

StumbleUpon Exposed

Do you want real targeted traffic? Then you should be using StumbleUpon. It doesn't get any more targeted than this! What is StumbleUpon? One of the most popular social bookmarking communities online.

If you are new to the mysterious world of Web 2.0, Social Networking and Social Bookmarking, then StumbleUpon Exposed will take you by the hand and lead you on a journey of discovery about the incredible opportunities that exist for generating high-quality and highly targeted traffic. Even if you are not entirely new to it, but you are new to StumbleUpon itself (and the fact that it is one of the leading Social Bookmarking sites) you will still get tremendous value from it as it shows you clearly in a step-by-step fashion, how to best take advantage of it's features.

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Skype Product Secrets (discounted price $24.95)

Skype Product Secrets

How to use free 'Skype' to create new products and content in minutes.

This course consists of six videos covering the whole subject as follows: 1) how to install Skype and get it working 100%; 2) a 'secret weapon' for recording Skype calls; 3) how to record your first Skype call; 4) how to easily tweak your Skype audio to make it sound even more professional; 5) how to turn your Skype audio into an MP3 file you can give to your visitors and customers; 6) three options for delivering audio to your visitors and customers.

In the final video, Louis really comes up trumps and reveals a secret resource that you will really appreciate!

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Snap Video Pro (discounted price $97.00)

Snap Video Pro

Discover the truly easy way to bring your snapshots to life! If you have ever wanted to take a snapshot of your desktop but have no idea how to do it, then you have definitely come to the right place.

SnapVideoPro is a screen-capture software program capable of capturing your entire desktop, a portion of it or the active window of the desktop. But it can also: open bitmap images; save to JPG, BMP and TIFF formats, apply several photo retouching effects to your image; add text to an image; draw on an image; build slide shows for you; and lots more, making it the perfect app for building desktop presentations!

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Facebook Social Ads (discounted price $37.00)

Facebook Social Ads

The best Web 2.0 monetization guide ever written. Facebook has long been recognized as the #1 terminal for traffic but few have been able to break through and monetize that traffic, until now.

What these marketers didn't realize was that there is a way to effectively market products and services but it's different when done on Facebook. Either they didn't try these new methods or didn't know enough about Facebook to make them work. Either way, as someone who regularly and successfully markets products on Facebook, I scoff at people who tell me that traffic from that source is worthless.

Fact is, it's a goldmine—if you know how.

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Squidoo Profits (discounted price $17.00)

Squidoo Profits

Finally, you can now steal my top secret step-by-step plan to generate truckloads of traffic and money.

Squidoo is a powerful Web 2.0 site that you can use for completely free advertising. Ads on this site reach many thousands of people and claim top Google rankings for some of the most sought after keywords. Use Squidoo to make money and build massive mailing lists. If you don't, you're leaving visitors and money on the table!

Squidoo is also one of the fastest growing social networks on the Internet. You can use its free advertising to: greatly expand your affiliate business; build huge lists; generate awesome targeted traffic; claim top rankings in Google for highly competitive keywords; and much more.

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Traffic 2.0 (discounted price $37.00)

Traffic 2.0

New generation tactics for bigger profits. Fed up with spending precious hours trying to get visitors with little or no success? Now you can drive massive traffic flows with Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 generally refers to websites that encourage some sort of user interaction. What kind of interaction and how necessary that interaction is to the site seems not to matter, but when it comes to driving traffic, interaction is one of the best things that has ever come out of the internet. Traffic 2.0 will teach you: how to use blogs, social networking, social bookmarking and video sites to drive traffic straight to you; how to create content so people will care about what you are offering; how to use RSS feeds properly; how to build an effective online profile; how to combine traditional traffic generation techniques with sophisticated new ones; how to succeed where you've failed before; and much more.

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PodCast Assistant In A Box (discounted price $27.00)

PodCast Assistant In A Box

How would you like to sound just like a professional news anchor next time you create your own podcast, without having to have the budget of a TV network?

If you are creating audio podcasts for your web site, you don't want to sound umm like ughh a dork that can't remember what the heck umm they are trying to ughh say! Do it like a real pro with Podcast Assistant In A Box! It's a great way to quickly and easily make every podcast you make sound just like Anderson Cooper on CNN (or someone like him). If you have always wanted to quit your day job and break into Internet marketing, podcasting is a great way to do it! Stuttering introverts can’t just change into glib network anchors overnight—but their voices can!

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Million Dollar Memberships (discounted price $47.00)

Million Dollar Memberships

The secrets behind building a multimillion dollar empire with membership websites and how to get a million visitors to your website for free.

You get the following in this package: downloadable CD (for your car or MP3 player), transcript in PDF format, sales page (upload it and let it sell the package for you), thank you page (for your customers to download the package), legal disclaimer and T.O.S. pages (gives your customers a feeling of security), graphics package for the HTML sales pages (professionally designed graphics help convert more visitors into customers), marketing kit (to promote the package) and more.

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TubeTraffic (discounted price $37.00)


Discover some little known secrets for generating free website visitors.

Advertise your services with short video clips and pay no fees. Creating such videos and learning how to optimize them to get thousands of views is the hard part. It could take years and cost you a small fortune to figure just which video creation techniques make some online videos work while others flop. Instead of trying to come up with just the right strategy, you can now get it all from this ebook.

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Yoono...Who Knew? (discounted price $17.00)

Yoono...Who Knew?

Get your hot little hands on this exciting new video that introduces you to a previously untapped traffic stream.

It's a secret strategy that very few Internet marketers even know anything about yet and that even fewer are using to good effect—because they just don't realize the enormous potential that this program is offering anyone who wishes to take advantage of it. And remember, it comes with unrestricted private label rights, which means that you can give it away, offer it as a bonus, sell it yourself (with or without the same rights) and keep all the profits, rename it and call it your own—in fact, whatever you want!

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How To Add Automatically Updating Content (discounted price $24.95)

Automatically Updating Content Videos

Discover the quick, easy and free way to automatically update all your websites with high-quality content that keeps the search engines (and your visitors) coming back again and again.

The tactics in this video e-course are free to use. There's no expensive software or services to buy, ever. As soon as you get this product, you will have everything you need to start benefiting right away. Huge online players like Yahoo and the BBC are making RSS feeds available to vast amounts of their content. If you know how, you can use these feeds to automatically add their regularly updated and high quality content to your website.

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Hub Blueprint With Resell Rights (discounted price $29.00 with Resale Rights)

Hub Blueprint With Resell Rights

The ultimate guide to HubPages! Average guy reveals the oh-so-simple hottest Web 2.0 traffic property that brought him 10,658 free visitors in 6 days.

In this ultimate guide to HubPages, you will learn how to master HubPages quickly and learn some great insider tips and secrets. It has excellent tips for advanced users as well. What can HubPages mean for you? Instant indexing—Hub pages get indexed very quickly? Easy-to-use HubPages are straightforward, especially with our guide. Traffic, traffic, free traffic; is there anything better than free targeted traffic? RSS feeds, links, videos and lots more. Plus many cool features.

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ForumBuzz Forum Poster (discounted price $27.00)

ForumBuzz Forum Poster

Discover how this cool forum posting software can help organize and boost your forum marketing efforts instantly! This software does all the following, and much more.

It stores all your forums login details so you never have to dig your brains and struggle to remember them all. It allows you to store preset forum postings and paste them easily into each individual forum with just a few clicks of your mouse. It saves a list of forums that are related to your niche so you can visit them whenever you like. It enables you to customize forum posts and helps you to organize them easily. It speeds up your forum postings and hence saves you a heap of time (and you get acknowledged as an expert in your niche much faster).

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Video Profits (discounted price $37.00)

Video Profits

How one simple man went from Internet zero to Internet hero saving his family, his house, even his full time job, all through the power of video!

If you haven't been able to make significant money with online videos, then this ebook may well be the most powerful book you'll ever read. No other video ebook manual will provide you with the type of information that you can get from Video Profits.

What you will learn: how to make sure people watch your videos; what type of videos you should be making; what video sites are the most effective to use; how to brand your videos correctly; amateur or professional video? What's right for you; and much more!

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Underground Squidoo Profit Tactics (discounted price $27.00)

Underground Squidoo Profit Tactics

This ebook has the power to drastically increase your income! Discover how to dominate your niche, establish your own uniqueness and cash in big with pure lazy bum marketing using the funny-named social networking marvel called Squidoo!

Did you know that you can incorporate 'Lazy Marketing' (a.k.a. 'Bum Marketing') using a highly popular site nicknamed Squidoo? It's one surefire way for you to gain the following advantages: drive in tons of free targeted traffic; grab top 10 Google search results to make affiliate sales; sell your own products like crazy; build valuable one-way back links to your own sites; and lots more.

The best part is the power it gives you to explode your income!

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The A to Z about RSS (discounted price $147.00 with Resale Rights)

The A to Z about RSS

Let the power of RSS place your content all over the World Wide Web, driving you an endless supply of traffic. This fabulous ebook closes all the loopholes of conventional online marketing methods and has finally been released! Don't stick to the same old slow and tired methods of advertising when you can have a magnificent strategy called RSS doing all the hard work for you!

You are about to learn how to: improve your business through online marketing techniques using RSS; reach out to more people without the constraint of having to shell out for advertising; carry your ideas and thoughts to tens of thousands of people on the Internet with any advert you wish them to see; transform your tired, and slow website to the best and most sought-after one; and much, much more. With full Resale Rights, graphics etc: $197.00.

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Viral YouTube Traffic (discounted price $37.00 with Resale Rights)

Viral YouTube Traffic

YouTube serves up over 200 million video clips per day! People are flocking to online video sites in droves and watching so many videos that even network television is worried that they may become obsolete.

Here are just a few things you will learn from this ebook. How to do keyword research on YouTube. How to build your own niche video community on YouTube. What makes people send YouTube videos to their friends etc. What you should absolutely not do after you've uploaded your video. How to add effects like titles, credits, transitions, and soundtracks. Multiply your efforts with a list of more than 20 other very popular free online video sites. The 10 most important factors that are part of almost all popular videos. How to brand a video with your company name and site URL. And much, much more!

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Bribe Machine For StumbleUpon (discounted price $67.00)

Bribe Machine (For StumbleUpon)

Automated social networking software for attracting thousands of highly targeted website visitors. Allows you to ethically 'bribe' your visitors to take an action that shares your website with others. These bribes can be in the form of free software, ebooks, reports, videos, membership access, discounts, or anything else you can think of. Your user gets this bribe after they vote for your site.

The Bribe Machine is actually a suite of never before released tools that allow you to suck traffic from many top social networking sites (Digg and YouTube Versions Coming!). Comes with full resale rights including sales page, graphics etc

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TubePros (discounted price $47.00)


Use the power of YouTube online video to explode your business. Unleash an unstoppable traffic explosion with thousands of cash-in-hand visitors swarming your website virtually overnight.

Get some videos up on YouTube and start driving traffic to your site today. YouTube plays over 200 million video clips per day! Video has taken the Internet by storm and so many people are watching them online that even the major broadcasting companies are scared they'll become obsolete. What's amazing though, is that hardly any marketers still really know much about it, and the ones that do don't understand how to use the full potential of this incredible promotional bonanza. This ebook pulls back the curtain and shows you how to start a viral chain reaction that will explode your traffic!

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VideoWeb Wizard (discounted price $67.00)

VideoWeb Wizard

Need a fast way to cash in on the online video revolution? This tool lets you easily convert videos into web format. Even if you are completely new to computers or are no good at technology, don't worry! It literally walks you through the steps. 99% of videos on the web are in Flash format because it works everywhere and usually has a small file size while keeping good quality. It converts all popular video formats (and a few that even most comparable software programs don't support) like AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 video formats. It converts these into a file format called 'Flash Video' (FLV).

It's a technology that works on almost all computers, even Macintosh or Linux.

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How To Turn Videos Into Cash (discounted price $47.00)

Turn Your Videos Into Cash

How to create and produce high performance sales videos for websites and get a million visitors for free.

Jay Douglas and Terry Telford recently recorded a tell-all TeleClass that showed attendees how to create and produce high performance sales videos for their websites. As a result here, in both ebook and audio formats, they reveal how to create a high performance sales video, how to make sure your video is a success and not a flop and some important software and hardware tips you need to know about.

This useful and comprehensive package includes some great advice as well as the usual Master Resale Rights and supporting material.

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PLR Mini Sites And Web 2.0 Graphics Pack (discounted price $6.95)

PLR Mini Sites And Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

A brand new collection of 3 PLR minisite packages each covering five popular niches (computers, health, sport, travel and business) in simple HTML that can be edited. Plus a graphics pack too.

You know that PLR mini sites are hot and especially PLR mini sites in niches that are very popular today. That is why I have produced this collection of four packages with PLR mini sites in 5 very popular niches (computers, health, sport, travel and business) in simple HTML. As you can see I also included a special PLR report on the basics for mini sites and graphics. In order to help you earn money immediately with this pack, I have also added a sales letter and a download page for your convenience. In other words this package includes everything you might need to set up your own sites and start earning.

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Social Marketing Directory (discounted price $9.95)

Social Marketing Directory

A master resource list with three categories of social marketing (Web 2.0) sites that you can use to create your very own streams of highly targeted traffic, subscribers and sales for your websites in 2009 and beyond.

This resource guide contains: over 100 Social Networking sites (i.e. MySpace, Squidoo, etc.); over 150 Social Bookmarking sites (i.e. StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.); over 180 Video Sharing sites (i.e. YouTube, AOL, etc.). That's over 400 resources to help you make more money in years to come.

This is a Master Resource List that you can refer to time and time again! You could find all of these yourself if you wanted to spend the time searching for them all, but I have already done that for you! Plus: not only do you have the URL, but also the Alexa Ranking and the Google Page Rank for each site!

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Real Value

As you can see from the list above, not much has been left out of the 'Social Marketing Tools' ValuePak—but it's still only part of the story. We add new things to every ValuePak from time to time, and when we do, we let you know so you can update your collection. In other words, becoming an owner of one of our ValuePaks is a true investment that grows over time.

So how much would you expect to have to pay for such a comprehensive and growing collection of ebooks and software, all focused on the one subject? And all with Resale Rights too? $50 a month? $60 a month?

How about a one-time payment of just $28.00 (US)
For The Lot?
Wouldn't that be real value?
(includes Resale Rights)

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The following extra bonus items will be removed without further notice when our sales reach the initial target budget; so don't delay... they may be gone tomorrow!

A Geek's Guide To Twitter (discounted price $9.95)

Twitter Guide

This guide will show you exactly what Twitter is all about and how to make the most of it.

You may well have heard of it before, but you may not have realized just how useful it can be when it comes to spreading the word about your business, whether it is online or offline.

Twitter is based around a very simple concept, and once you’ve grasped that concept you’ll be well away.

Some people criticise Twitter for being too limited in its application. However, it is precisely the fact that there are limitations in what you can do and the number of characters you can use for your messages that make it such an incredibly creative medium to work in and to utilise for business purposes.

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Social Marketing Secrets (discounted price $17.00)

Social Marketing Secrets

They call it Web 2.0 but I call it the new way to bring loads of targeted traffic to any site and generate a ton of on-demand cash flow! If you've never heard of the terms Web 2.0 or social networking before... well, where have you been hiding?

This easy-to-understand report is loaded with exactly the kind of information you need to launch your own Social Marketing campaign or improve your existing strategy. Inside you will discover: what Social Networking and Web 2.0 really are; why social networking sites are so popular; which web 2.0 resources are the best and why; how to create your social networking profile; how to drive loads of targeted traffic to your blog using web 2.0 sites; how to use social networking sites for business and personal gain; and much, much more!

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10 Original WordPress Templates (discounted price $10.00)

10 WordPress Templates

Don't miss the chance to get your hands on this top-quality collection of WordPress templates!

Wordpress is the hottest niche website tool in the world today. Internet marketers and search engines alike love sites that are built on this platform. Whether you're looking to add to your own web empire, build niche sites for clients, or even to flip them for quick cash, a great looking WordPress template will help you get the job done. Don't mistake these templates for the poor quality, run-of-the-mill templates you'll see elsewhere. These are top-quality WordPress templates designed to target hot niche markets.

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Your Own Home Movie Theater (discounted price $17.00)

Your Own Home Movie Theater

Want to enjoy a real movie theater in your own home, without spending a ton of money? Learn the secrets of creating your own home movie theater.

Discover all the information you need to assemble and install a home theater system that will blow you, your friends, and your family away! You're about to be able to enjoy your own home movie theater system just like the rich and famous do!

The trick to owning a home theater system that will produce a great movie experience while fitting within your budget is knowing exactly what you really need and how to put it all together. This ebook will show you!

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Your Own TV Station With Resale Rights (discounted price $197.00)

Your Own TV Station

With 'Your Own Internet TV Station' video tutorial you can start your own TV station for fun—or for profit. It's tremendous fun and we also show you the new way to create sparkling content for your website.

You already know how important 'content' is in driving traffic to your website. Don't get left in the video content dust.

I'm talking about the kind of content that people come back again and again to see. The kind of traffic you generate from your own Internet TV station means insane amounts of new-found traffic in no time at all!

It's easy, it's fun, and you can get started today with our easy-to-understand video tutorials.

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