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Blogs and Web 2.0 go together like a horse and carriage. Once thought of as a tool for amateur writers or 'journal' keepers, the blog suddenly came into its own when it was realized that it had quietly and unobtrusively developed into a powerful site development and content management program. Up until then it was completely overlooked by Internet marketers. When it caught on over the next couple of years, many marketers who were far-sighted enough to jump in early enough onto the bandwagon made easy fortunes just by taking advantage of the blog's unique set of S.E.O. and other built-in features, plus the huge (and growing) list of extremely useful (and mostly free) add-ons. Those early marketers played their cards very close to their chests for a while but, as always, the secret gradually leaked out.

Then everybody and their dogs got into blogging but, again as always, very few of them reached anywhere near their full potential because: 1) the frenzy itself always gives way to a dilution of results as the market gets saturated; and 2) very few of them made the effort to learn (or couldn't be bothered to put into effect) what you really need to do to make blogs work for you. Some enterprising marketers though, developed software programs to automate a lot of the things that needed to be done and others wrote ebooks that spelt out the steps that need to be taken. This ValuePak is a collection of some of the best of these.

Blogs still work and they are now counted among the most powerful platforms on which to quickly build and monetize a presence on the web. That's why you'll find the contents of this superb collection of software and ebooks, as shown below, so valuable. It covers every aspect of this genre of marketing. Just look at what you get...

22 Software Programs And Ebooks

Giving you:

  • The Ability To Set Up And Optimize Your Blogs (Even If You're A Beginner)
  • The Power To Generate Backlinks By Blogging And Pinging
  • The Knowledge Needed To Use Your Blog As An Advertising Platform
  • The Wherewithal For Getting High Google PageRank And Alexa Rankings
  • The Means To Share And Acquire Content Through RSS
  • 'How-To' Information On 'Streaming' Video Directly To Your Blog
  • Effective Ways Of Easily 'Monetizing' Your Blog
  • Ways To Incorporate Affiliate Marketing Into Your Blog
  • Advice About Which Templates And Plug-Ins To Use
  • And Much, Much More

The Blogging Mastery Tools package, like all our ValuePaks, is an absolutely unbeatable bargain at only $21.00 (U.S.). And we don't call them ValuePaks for nothing. Add up the total worth of this collection, as shown by the current 'going rates' on their sales pages, and you end up with a value of over $1100! Scroll down the list below to get a true picture of the unbeatable quality of this collection and its tremendous potential for saving time and enhancing creativity.

Compare The Value

The following thumbnail descriptions give a brief outline of each item included in this ValuePak and conclude with a link to the actual sales page where that ebook or software application is normally displayed for sale. There you can read more about it and also see the price that it normally fetches. These are the genuine going rates that they are currently being sold for—and nearly all of them have already been heavily discounted! If you add up these discounted prices (they're also shown in brackets after the titles below) you'll quickly come to realize what a tremendous offer this is. Not only that but most come complete with Resale Rights and this usually includes all the graphics, and in most cases, sales page templates too. All links open in a new window, which allows you to view the sales pages but easily return here when you're done.

Winning The Online War The Wordpress Way (discounted price $37.00)

Winning The Online War The Wordpress Way

Unless you fight the online traffic battle with the very best winning tools you will lose!

In this ebook you will discover: how you can click one button and have a great-looking fully-functional website in less than 10 seconds; that there are actually two versions of Wordpress and that each one can outpower the other in certain situations; how choosing the wrong host will kill your blog; the easiest way to give the search engines exactly what they want; why blogs can be an integral part of your link network even if you didn't know you had one; the easiest ways to make your blog stand out to visitors; what plugins are and why they are so important; how to put Adsense and other advertising on your blog so you can be 100% sure it is optimized correctly; what settings you must change to avoid being penalized in a big way; the important things that you should have on your front page; the easiest way to get your visitors to subscribe to your list. Plus much, much more.

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Complete Blog & Ping Tutorial (discounted price $197.00 with Resale Rights)

Complete Blog & Ping Tutorial

The most difficult marketing technique for any Internet marketer to learn is how to get sites indexed. Until you master that, the website that you are counting on to generate sales, build your reputation, or generate AdSense revenue, is just floating in the ether of cyberspace.

This is where blogging and pinging proves so valuable. It gets your site noticed and spidered quickly and brings the search engine spiders back more often. It is fast, easy, and you don’t have to be a technical guru to understand the concept or learn how! All you have to do is follow step-by-step instructions and, even better, the entire process is completely free! No new software to buy, no need to purchase subscriptions to new services, no renewal fees—truly free!

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Bloggers Guide To Profits (discounted price $16.95)

Bloggers Guide To Profits

Spare just one hour and learn how to shift your business into top gear with the untapped power of blogs! Harness the power of blogging to a mass-market.

Smart business owners are using blogs to promote new ventures, new products, establish customer relationships and make lots of money in the process! If you're not blogging after you leave here, you'll hate yourself later. Are you ready to find out how to supercharge your business with blogs? You don't need to be a computer expert (or spend a lot of money) to use the secret weapon even major corporations use to build their businesses.

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Blog Link Generator (discounted price $197.00 with Resale Rights)

Blog Link Generator

Getting link popularity is really hard and time-consuming. But what if you could automate it? Imagine thousands of links back to your website.

I will show you a way that you can generate thousands of keyword targeted links back to your website starting today!

Consider the power of being able to create as many incoming links to your site as you want—any time you want them. Yes, you read that right; as many links as you want! Do you realize how much search engine popularity, and resulting traffic, that could mean for your business?

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How To Make Money As A Video Blogger (discounted price $47.00)

How To Make Money As A Video Blogger

Are you prepared for Web 2.0? If you market anything on the Internet then you know how important content is in driving traffic to your website. If you have ever thought of streaming any kind of video from the Internet then this video tutorial is just what you have been looking for. You are about to learn everything you'll ever need to know about creating and broadcasting video from the Internet. We are going to cover everything from getting set up with the proper software to creating your videos and converting them for the web. We will teach you what equipment you need for the best possible quality video production on any budget and what equipment just flat out is not worth the money.

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Automate Your Blog Income (discounted price $19.95)

Automate Your Blog Income

You can now have brand new, fully automated, money-generating sites with constantly updating free content instead of wasting hours posting articles and maintaining sites.

Use the templates included in this package to optimize your Google Adsense CTR and boost your revenues with ease. Not only that but you can earn even more by promoting affiliates as well with the included plugin that turns your free content and articles into income producing text ads! Set up your automated blog now and put your content on auto-pilot!

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Instant Blog and Ping Automated Desktop Software (discounted price $67.99)

Instant Blog and Ping Automated Desktop Software

Get your entire site crawled, indexed and ranked fast, without any hard work or even Search Engine Optimization knowledge.

This software program completely automates the whole blog and ping process, freeing you up to put time into the areas of your business that need it. It's like having a little automatic, money-making robot working just for you day and night. It could take weeks to do this manually and cost you a small fortune for a paid service or buying software that starts in the hundreds. So instead of trying to post every page one by one or saving up for software that you are really not sure is worth the ticket price, you can have a 24/7, set-and-forget, search engine spider magnet for your business that will do all this for you.

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Blogging On Steroids (discounted price $7.00)

Blogging On Steroids!

Learn how to make a more than decent profit through blogging, starting today!

You make some posts to your blog and get 2-3 people reading them each week, but all of them leave your pages because it simply doesn't 'stick' for them. In the end you earn 0.50 cents to $1 per month from all this "amazing internet marketing business" you have! But I have to tell you—if I were you, that would not be cool for me.

Learn what the mandatory tools are for a successful blogging business, what will keep visitors coming back for more, what the best free traffic providers are and how to use them, how to monetize your blog like a money 'guru'; what you need to do to make your blog work for you, not the other way around. Make real cash through 'blogging on steroids'!

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Niche Blog Affiliate Profits (discounted price $9.97)

Niche Blog Affiliate Profits

Learn the true and time-tested secrets behind blogging that take ordinary people and turn them into masterful niche bloggers.

You can start generating multiple affiliate commissions from ClickBank, Commission Junction, ClickBooth and more using this killer blog system! No PPC costs, no SEO skills needed, no HTML knowledge, no customers to deal with.

You need to buy a domain, find a niche market, find an affiliate program for your niche, plug-in one of the thousands of free WordPress templates available, and then publish all the information online. Post blogs on your main topic and over time, you'll start to get 'organic' traffic from the search engines.

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Blogging 101 (discounted price $17.00)

Blogging 101

Have you been working non-stop to find ways to promote your blog so that it will start earning money? Do you want your investment to pay off and get you in on the great opportunity of the ever growing blogosphere? If major corporations are trying to keep up with the blogging craze then you shouldn’t give up.

This guide will teach you all about the world of blogging and how it can benefit you, your company and other ventures as well. Learn how blogging can be used to attract an entirely new audience or client base. Also learn how you can use blogging to start a brand new business venture that is based solely online with no prior business knowledge and absolutely no web design experience.

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Blogging Ninja (discounted price $97.00)

Blogging Ninja

This new Search Engine Optimization tool makes it easy to capture top search rankings in potentially thousands of niche markets. Forget paying to get fresh, relevant content! Effortlessly generate an ever-growing stream.

By using blogs for all of your promotions, you're going to get hundreds, even thousands of search engine visitors who'll turn into loyal readers (and customers). All because you now have more top rankings throughout your market and all of your pages get into the search engines at lighting speed. Even the hardest to attract search engine (Google) often visits and indexes blog content in mere days

For this reason, blogs have taken off like wildfire. In practically every market, blogs are being used as a marketing tool to dominate the search rankings.

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Blog Advertising Site (discounted price $17.00)

Blog Advertising Site

Start your own blog advertising service with this high quality PHP script. Blog websites are hot and sources say there are now over 50 million blogs out there with millions more being published constantly. People are keeping blogs on the Internet for one simple reason: they make money by helping to pull more and more visitors to your site.

Earn thousands by taking control of advertising with this amazing system. How can you make the most out of this special opportunity? Easy! Invest in Blog Advertising Site, the easiest way to make a virtually unlimited income!

Huge earning potential!

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Blog In A Box (discounted price $37.00)

Blog In A Box

This amazing blogging toolkit lets anyone create their own blog and make a profit with little to no experience.

Even if you haven't ever heard the word blog before, our toolkit makes it completely possible for you to not only create one easily, but to even earn money from it without the need to sell anything at all! It really doesn't matter whether you use your new blog as a personal instrument of self discovery or as an additional marketing tool for your existing online business.

Using Blog In A Box, you can create a blog that stands apart from all others.

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BlogBuzz (discounted price $17.00)


Discover how this cool blog finder software can help boost your link building and SEO efforts instantly! You'll be amazed what it can do!

Identifies Wordpress blogs with the 'nofollow' tag in the comments field in any niche you choose; saves you time and effort from searching for blogs manually to leave comments on and build backlinks; shows you the Page Rank of each of the individual blog posts itself and home page of the blogs; displays the Alexa ranking of each blog (so you know the volume of traffic it receives); tells you if you have left a comment previously so you can track with much ease; allows you to save your findings and results for more effective tracking or analysis in the future.

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Blogging For Cash (discounted price $27.00)

Blogging For Cash

Do you know what it takes to successfully monetize your blog? Do you have a blog and want to profit from it?

If you have dreamed of creating an income from home by writing about something you love, we have the solution for you! Some simple secrets that can turn your PC into a veritable cash machine. Successful bloggers know that, with the right money making opportunities, blogs can become cash generating machines. If you want to start a profitable blog, or profit from an existing blog, you need to know this information! Start blogging for cash today and learn everything you need to know to profit from your blog. This ebook will guide you through the process of monetizing your blog and give you all the information you need.

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Marketing With Blogs and RSS (discounted price $7.00)

Marketing With Blogs and RSS

Learn how to use blogs and RSS to boost your online business, rankings, traffic and sales. Learn how to reach a wider, targeted audience, get higher search engine ranking and communicate more effectively.

The following topics, plus many more, are all covered in this report: how blogs can help you with your online business; five common mistakes to avoid with a blog; how to make money with a blog; what RSS feeds are; how RSS can help with your online business; the easiest way to create a feed; what RSS formats are and which to use; how to monetize feeds. Get this report right now and start using this new technology immediately to drive a ton of targeted traffic to your website!

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How To Create Your Own Blog For Free (discounted price $4.97)

How To Create Your Own Blog For Free

If you've always wanted to have your own blog but didn't know how to go about doing it, then here's how you can quickly and easily. Create a blog by watching how I did it with this step-by-step method.

In this video series you get a total of over fifty minutes of exclusive video tutorials starting with the basics like an introduction to blogs to running the blog properly on your website. These easy-to-follow tutorials come in the form of six videos you can view directly on your computer monitor (total video time is 50 minutes and 23 seconds).

Now is the time to get into the new world of Web 2.0 blogging. But you've got to get started!

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Blog Spider Pro (discounted price $47.00)

Blog Spider Pro

This automatic website builder adds search engine optimized, keyword-targeted blog content to your own website automatically!

How would you like to automate the process of adding the latest, hottest, relevant keyword-specific content to your site? Or how would you like to have an auto-site builder that auto-generates thousands of search-engine optimized blog pages on your website every day? That should make your site visitors happy (everyone loves new, fresh and relevant content) but something else would also start visiting you much more frequently. Search engine spiders!

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Blogging Basics For Beginners (discounted price $16.95)

Blogging Basics For Beginners

Do you need to learn what blogging is all about?

In the world of Web 2.0, blogging and social networking are inextricably linked together. Both are aimed at creating a wide movement as far as multimedia interaction is concerned. The main purpose of both is also to reach out to a large number of people. In other words, both are different forms of media that allow people to voice an opinion. Another similarity is that both concepts have existed in cyberspace for a decade but initially they were rather exclusive of one another. Now have they come together and their similarity in motives truly recognized. If you don't get into blogging soon you're going to get left behind—or left out altogether!

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Instant Wordpress (discounted price $37.00)

Instant Wordpress

Are you hunting for free Wordpress themes that will increase your bottom-line profits? This system is so easy that even a newbie can use it to make money by Google Adsense and Clickbank with no extra effort whatsoever. Multiply your blog traffic and skyrocket your income with these secret strategies to optimize your blog for profits.

What you get with this advanced Instant WordPress system are Clickbank-ready profits by simply entering your Clickbank ID, AdSense-ready profits by using your AdSense ID, search engine optimized titles, thirty niche blog designs, a complete manual... and more!

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Easy Blog Traffic (discounted price $67.00)

Easy Blog Traffic

Secret interviews and videos reveal how to get traffic to your blogs. The perfect discovery for any serious blogger in need of some high-quality web traffic.

When you discover some of the secrets I reveal in Easy Blog Traffic, you’ll see how I managed to get one of my blogs from nowhere to an Alexa ranking of 4,000+ (the highest) and maintain an average Alexa ranking of 12,000+.

There are two exclusive interviews, twelve excellent video tutorials, and over 120 pages of pure content in this single product. Resale rights too!

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A to Z about RSS (discounted price $147.00 with Resale Rights)

A to Z about RSS

Content is king on the Internet! Let the power of RSS place yours all over the web, driving you an endless supply of traffic and dollars from today on.

RSS is the mantra of the millennium and it's on its way to creating a saga of its own and etching its mark on the marvelous world of the Internet.

Don't stick to the same old slow and tired methods of advertising and publishing when you can have a magnificent strategy in the form of RSS doing all the hard work for you. This ebook closes down the loopholes of all conventional online marketing methods.

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Real Value

As you can see from the list above, not much has been left out of the 'Blogging Mastery Tools' ValuePak—but it's still only part of the story. We add new things to every ValuePak from time to time, and when we do, we let you know so you can update your collection at no extra charge. In other words, becoming an owner of one of our ValuePaks is a true investment that grows over time.

So how much would you expect to have to pay for such a comprehensive and growing collection of ebooks and software, all focused on the one subject? And most with Resale Rights too? $50 a month? $60 a month?

How does a one-time payment of just $21.00(US) sound...
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