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This superb collection of ebooks covers every conceivable topic of motivation and inspiration. If you've ever wondered what you're really capable of, or have ever suspected that you're not living up to your full potential, then you need to get your hands on this ValuePak. One of the true revelations of the past one hundred years or so is that the real mystery of the human brain is just where the boundary of possibilities lie. Most scientists agree that we are nowhere near the answer to that yet. What we have learnt though, is that the average human mind has enormous potential 'built in' that is hardly ever utilized. The aim of the 'Motivation And Inspiration' ValuePak is to help you to utilize at least some of that unused brainpower to your advantage.

Whether you are just interested in the subjects in general, or have a practical application in mind for using these works, some of which are timeless classics, you will surely find a number of things of particular interest here. There are 50 ebooks in all and the whole package, like all our ValuePaks, is a second-to-none absolutely unbeatable bargain at only $7.00 (U.S.).

The Collection

The actual files that make up this collection are listed below together with 'thumbnail' descriptions which, because there are so many, we've had to keep really short. Your distribution rights are mentioned in most of them. None of these works may be altered in any way or distributed in part (i.e. they must remain whole) but many contain distribution rights of various types and these are generally summarized in the actual text of the documents.

Above Life's Turmoil

A classic work by the great motivationalist James Allen.

Acres of Diamonds

This book by Russell H Conwell is well known in America and sums up the philosophy of a great lecturer.

Adventures In Contentment

Four large books all in one, authored by David Grayson.

Aesop's Fables

These classic fables have stirred the imaginations of readers for centuries.

As A Man Thinketh

This book by James Allen is one of the motivational classics of all time.

A Textbook of Theosophy

Not itself a religion but the truth that lies behind all religions. By C.W.Leadbetter.

Being You

A 'think about it' booklet from Karma Singh.

Book Of Personal Transformation

How to use ancient wisdom to create a new life of success and happiness for yourself. By Dr Tim Ong with no restrictions.

Byways to Blessedness

Another great philosophical work by James Allen.

Character-Building Thought Power

The role of habits in character-building by Ralph Waldo Trine.

Creative Process in the Individual

Thomas Troward's book about the creative processes.

Deserves Got Nothing To Do With It

One man's personal experience in dealing with a devastating health issue that happened overnight.

Dore Lectures on Mental Science (The)

Transcripts of talks first given at the Dore Gallery in London.

Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science (The)

A course of lectures on mental science by Thomas Troward.

Enchiridion (The)

The venerable tome translated in 1888 by George Long.

Game of Life and How to Play It (The)

This ebook by Florence Scovel Shinn may be freely distributed in its present unaltered form.

Greatest Thing Ever Known (The)

A great philosophical tract by Ralph Waldo Trine.

Greatest Thing in the World (The)

Henry Drummond gives his ideas on love as the greatest thing.

How To Find Your Real Self

Finding the real self by Mildred Mann.

Ideal Made Real (The)

Presents practical methods by which anyone, the beginner in particular, may realize his ideals. By Christian Larson.

In Tune with the Infinite

Another philosophical tome by Ralph Waldo Trine.

Life of the Spirit (The)

A clarion call to those who seek deeper depths, by Henry Thomas Hamblin.

Madman (The)

Philosophical text using the format of fables by Khalil Gibran.

Man Who Knew (The)

A supreme moment in the lives of individuals is when they come face to face with the truth. By Ralph Waldo Trine.

Mental Chemistry

The science which deals with the changes that material conditions undergo through operations of the mind. By Charles F. Haanel.

Mental Cure (The)

Throwing light on 'mental hygiene' and it's importance in the treatment of disease, by Warren Felt Evans.

Mental Efficiency

Hints about exercising the mind as well as the body by Arnold Bennett.

Miracle of Tithing (The)

Tithing (giving) is the best-kept prosperity secret in existence, by Mark Victor Hansen.

Multiple Mentality Course (The)

A series of exercises leading to the development of greater mental power by Harry Kahne.

Path of Prosperity (The)

Another of James Allen's great works of philosophy.

Power of Silence (The)

The first in a series of studies of the 'inner life'. By Horatio W. Dresser.

Power of Thought (The)

The greatest power that man has at his disposal is the power of thought. A work by Henry Thomas Hamblin and available with no restrictions.

Practical Mental Influence

Students of history find a continuous chain of reference to the mysterious influence one mind can have over another. By William W. Atkinson.

Prophet (The)

An entertaining and fabulized tale by Khalil Gibran.


An attempt to explain man's lawful appropriation of the supplies spiritually and electrically provided by God. By Charles Fillmore.

Prosperity Through Thought-Force

By rising superior to environment in a world of adverse circumstances, we can acquire happiness, peace and independence. By Bruce MacLelland.

Right and Wrong Thinking

The first lesson to be learned in the school of life is to understand one's own personality or individuality. A work by Aaron Martin Crane.

Science of Mind (The)

A complete course of lessons in the science of mind and spirit by Ernest Holmes.

Science Of Success (The)

How to attract prosperity and create life balance through proven principles. By James A. Ray

Self-Development And The Way to Power

Why do we suffer in life? In the scheme of nature we are being forced forward in evolution. By L.W.Rogers.

Siddharta; An Indian Tale

A retelling of an old tale by Hermann Hesse. No restrictions on distribution.

This Mystical Life of Ours

A book of suggestive thoughts for each week of the year by Ralph Waldo Trine.

Thought-Force In Business And Life

A work prepared from the notes of lectures given by William W. Atkinson, the lessons being the syllabi of the said lectures.

Thought Power: Its Control And Culture

This little book is intended to help the student to study his own nature, so far as its intellectual part is concerned. By Annie Besant.

Thought Vibration

Philosophizes on the law of attraction in the thought world and the role of thought waves. By William W. Atkinson.


A treatise on the art and benefits of walking by the great American philosopher Henry David Thoreau.

Wayfarer On The Open Road (The)

Ralph Waldo Trine's everlasting creed of the open road.

Way of Peace (The)

A treatise on the power of meditation and the realization of self and truth by the great James Allen.

What All the World's A-Seeking

Meditating on the laws and forces underlying the real, and hence more abundant, life. By Ralph Waldo Trine.

Within You Is The Power

There is a power lying hidden in man, by the use of which he can rise to higher and better things. By Henry Thomas Hamblin.

Your Forces And How To Use Them

How many energies there are in man, no one knows; but there are so many that they are impossible to count. By Christian Larson.

Your Invisible Power

A key to open up the way to the attainment of your desires. A work by By Genevieve Behrend.

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