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"The money is in your list". Everyone's heard it dozens, if not hundreds of times, to the point where many people would reply "not that old chestnut again"! So why is it so often quoted? Simple, really. Because it's true! Potentially the most profitable asset that any online marketer can own is an opt-in contact list. And learning how to start one, build it up, maintain it properly and relate effectively to the subscribers, should be the number one priority of anyone considering using the convenience of email as part of their marketing plan (and everyone should).

That's why you'll find the contents of this superb collection of software and ebooks, as shown below, so valuable. It covers every aspect of this genre of marketing. Just look at what you get...

More Than 30 Software Programs And Ebooks

Giving you:

  • The Ability To Create Your Own Opt-In Contact (Mailing) Lists
  • Software To Manage And Maintain Your Lists Effortlessly
  • The Know-How To Recruit New Members Consistently
  • Software To Create And Manage Squeeze (Sign-Up) Pages
  • The Means To Publish Your Own Newsletter Or Ezine
  • Software And Guidance On Using Autoresponders Properly
  • 'How-To' Information On Promoting Your Lists More Effectively
  • Software To Properly Format Your Ezines Or Newsletters
  • Superb Templates For Appropriate Content And Graphics
  • The Know-How To Avoid Badly Configured Spam Filters
  • And Much, Much More

The Email Marketing Tools package, like all our ValuePaks, is an absolutely unbeatable bargain at only $21.00 (U.S.). And we don't call them ValuePaks for nothing. Add up the total worth of this collection, as shown by the current 'going rates' on their sales pages, and you end up with a figure well in excess of a thousand dollars—and that's not taking into account the bonuses! Scroll down the list below to get a true picture of the unbeatable quality of this collection and its tremendous potential for saving time and enhancing creativity.

Compare The Value

The following thumbnail descriptions give a brief outline of each item included in this ValuePak and conclude with a link to the actual sales page where that ebook or software app is normally displayed. There you can read more about it and also see the price that it normally fetches. These are the genuine going rates that they are currently being sold for—and nearly all of them have already been heavily discounted! If you add up these discounted prices (shown in brackets after the titles) you'll quickly come to realize what a tremendous offer this is. Not only that but, as a special bonus, they all come complete with Resale Rights and this includes all the graphics, and in most cases, sales page templates, you could want. All links open in a new window, which allows you to view the sales pages but easily return here when you're done.

Definitive Guide To Email Marketing (normally $27.00)

Definitive Guide To Email Marketing

Do you want to discover how to make an absolute killing with email marketing? Step-by-step methods teach you how to research your target market, create your product, build your opt-in lists and automate your selling process.

Email marketing is not dead and you're going to discover every single step you need to effectively adapt to marketing with email and autoresponders. Plus, you'll be spoon fed tips you must know, strategies you must use, secret methods you must apply and lethal mistakes you must avoid.

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AutoResponder Secrets Exposed! (normally $17.95)

AutoResponder Secrets Exposed!

How to quickly and easily cut your workload by 67% (or more) and convert 152% (or more) visitors into sales. Turn a trickle of sales into an onslaught of orders using the easiest, most effective way to explode your sales! Imagine a simple yet powerful, automated tool that will do all the tasks that now take you days to complete. A tool that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, turning visitors that would usually forget you into lifelong customers.

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Squeeze Page Manager (normally $49.00)

Squeeze Page Manager

You could be leaving money on the table whenever visitors peruse your sales page and leave without sharing their email details with you. But the simplest, most fool-proof system for generating more sales, subscribers and profits for any product or affiliate program is now here. This amazing web script makes capturing your visitor's details and analyzing your squeeze page campaigns as simple as point-and-click. This is a powerful program that has been proved to work time after time on promotion projects. And the best part is, it will work for any product or affiliate program.

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Advanced List Building Strategies (normally $27.00)

Advanced List Building Strategies

Learn how to build a massive list of targeted subscribers with only free tools. It will cost you practically nothing to get others to build your list happily: in fact they will thank you while doing it. Did you know that many top marketers build huge targeted lists by allowing their affiliates/associates to promote their lists to pre-sell their products and in return associates get commissions for life?

It's a neat technique to build huge targeted list without spending a dime on advertising.

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Turn Your Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow (normally $47.00)

Turn Your Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow

Earning an income online doesn't have to be a hassle. Plug in the right components and your online business can run on autopilot. You get more free time and have the money to enjoy it. Finding an autoresponder is easy. Writing profit-generating messages is not... until now! This package includes 52 professionally written sales messages to sell your product, service or business opportunity. Simple, easy, hassle free!

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Ezines: Complete Guide to Publishing for Profit (normally $27.00)

Ezines: Complete Guide to Publishing for Profit

How to design, build, and deliver a highly profitable ezine with this simple, step by step guide, and begin building a large list of targeted potential customers. Wish there was an easy way to learn how to create a profitable ezine and build a huge subscriber base real fast? If you have a computer and an Internet connection—even if you're completely clueless about ezine publishing—you'll learn how in less than 1 day.

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Web Site and Ezine Promotion Made Easy (normally $29.99)

Web Site and Ezine Promotion Made Easy

Discover how anyone can turn a web site or ezine into a 24/7 profit machine using free tips, tools, tricks and techniques. (This software is for both Windows PCs and Macintosh users). If you're looking to get more subscribers and start the Internet cash machine to work for you with as little time, cost and effort as possible, 'Web Site And Ezine Promotion Made Easy' is exactly what you need.

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Ultimate Newsletter Templates (normally $37.00)

Ultimate Newsletter Templates

Studies show that the average newsletter loses several subscribers every time a new issue is sent out. So if you are a newsletter publisher or want to start your own newsletter, don't miss out on this. The reason is a hidden mistake that 95% of newsletter publishers make, and you need to know what it is and how to avoid it if you want your subscribers to love your newsletter and read every issue. Perhaps even tell their friends about it! If you want to create your own successful newsletter, no matter what the topic, how much experience you have, or what kind of budget, you should investigate this offer because it is that important.

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Contact Automator (normally $17.00)

Contact Automator

Not really an email program as such but an alternative way of keeping in touch with prospects, customers etc. Are you losing thousands every month because of unreliable email? Spam blockers are blocking everything these days and until there's another way to deal with the scourge, they always will. Stop leaving your success to chance and start getting in touch with one hundred per cent of your prospects and customers every time. Display your sales messages at any time... long after your prospects leave your website!

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37 List Building Secrets (normally $37.00)

37 List Building Secrets

Discover how to build massive opt-in lists on a tight budget no matter what niche you want to target or how competitive the market is. This book is just what you need when it comes to list building ideas! For example, learn how to instantly triple the size of your opt-in lists virtually overnight without breaking the bank. Contains 37 of the hottest, most profitable opt-in list building secrets known.

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Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads (normally $27.00)

Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads

Open up your very own pipeline to greater and greater profits and generate all the leads, traffic and coveted high converting customers your website could ever possibly handle.

'The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads' is the de facto hands-on guide to using co-registration leads and superior email marketing tactics to make an absolute ton of money every time every time you use it without fail.

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Email Auto Format (normally $37.00)

Email Auto Format

Learn how to get white-listed, and get your email past spam filters. They are making a huge impact on email and it has a bad effect on you and the email list you've worked so hard to compile. 'Email Auto Format' can help get your email through. With it, you'll be able to check your email messages for spam trigger words and phrases, auto inject spam words and phrases with special characters, auto-format your messages to any paragraph width you choose, easily export your email messages in either HTML or plain text, and more.

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Email Writing Secrets (normally $47.00)

Email Writing Secrets

Are you getting the results you deserve from your email marketing campaigns? This finally pulls back the curtains on how you (or anyone) can chalk out your very own profit-sucking promotional emails that move your readers to buy. Writing promo emails is one of the best skills you can ever master in today's competitive market... and you'll do well to read this letter urgently because in just a few minutes, you will learn how you can turn your pen or keyboard into a wealth-generating weapon.

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Ezine Filter And Format (normally $17.00)

Ezine Filter And Format

Publishing a newsletter can be hard. After hours researching a topic and writing a killer article for your readers, you send it out and, if you're lucky, some get through but statistics show that as many as 60% of your subscribers will never see it because of spam filters. Then you face another problem. All your hard work is for nothing if it isn't formatted properly.

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Ezine Marketing Magic (normally $47.97)

Ezine Marketing Magic

Here's how you can start making serious money right away by creating a simple little ezine that practically 'forces' your customers to whip out their wallet and buy whatever you're offering! Now you can easily earn a lot of money with your very own publications, once you know these secrets.

If you're serious about marketing online, you've probably investigated many methods of increasing your site's popularity but still find you're not achieving what you expected. With 'Ezine Marketing Magic' you will.

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Get Paid To Build Your List (normally $27.00)

Get Paid To Build Your List

Today's gold mine is found in your own customers. And customers are really abundant. Anyone who exchanges money is your potential customer. In the case of marketing online, you could be reaching out to customers far beyond your neighborhood, something your average grocery store can't possibly do! Discover how you (or anyone) can build the best kind of online gold mine from scratch. Here's how you can exercise creative use in building your very own paid customers list... even if you don't have a list to begin with.

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E-zine Publishing Mastery (normally $47.00)

E-zine Publishing Mastery

This superb ebook will show you how you can quickly and easily have your own virtual Internet gold mine that can ram in never-ending streams of income just by sending e-mails! If you have ever wanted to build your own circle of influence and literally own a license to print money at will (without incurring high expenses in the process) this is going to be the most important report you will ever read.

Ezine Publishing Mastery is the ultimate ezine profits guide written by experts that gives you comprehensive coverage of the subject from A to Z.

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Graphical Optin Template Pack (normally $17.00)

Graphical Optin Template Pack

Unlock this unique collection of pre-built, pre-coded opt-in graphic templates and watch your subscriber rate (and profits) shoot through the roof. No graphics editing required. Each opt-in template is professionally designed, pre-coded, and ready to be added to your sales pages in minutes! If you can "cut and paste" then you're well on your way to instantly increasing your opt-in rates and profits!

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Great Ezine Experiment (normally $19.00)

Great Ezine Experiment

This formula does not require much time or monetary commitment, nor does it require you to already have a million dollar idea or a book in your back pocket. I assume that you are starting from zero, with only a little money and a lot of desire to get you going. If what I'm saying sounds exciting, then you're on the right track. This formula does work, and I've proven it time and time again. Now I invite you to put it to the test.

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Grow My List Fast (normally $27.00)

Grow My List Fast

Superpower tactics for rapid-fire list building that can blast your signups through the roof. Imagine how much you can make month after month with a list of 50,000 hungry, targeted prospects. The techniques revealed in this ebook have been tested and verified and guaranteed to work. Using them has literally earned some marketers thousands of dollars. How much do you think it's worth to you?

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Instant Newsletter (normally $17.00)

Instant Newsletter

Publish your own wildly successful (and profitable) Internet marketing newsletter without writing a single word yourself and quickly become a recognized expert in the Internet marketing field—almost effortlessly. Does all the work involved in publishing an Internet marketing newsletter scare you out of actually doing it? It doesn't matter what your situation is. Here's where all the excuses stop, because this is the "end all" solution.

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List Builder Mentor System (normally $47.00)

List Builder Mentor System

Shows you exactly how to build a list of subscribers who will throw their money at you over and over again. It reveals exactly what you need to do to start your own newsletter, from building a website all the way to creating bonus products. You also get a super smart piece of software that will create an unlimited number of HTML newsletter issues quickly and easily with no code knowledge needed. In this course, the secrets to getting all the targeted subscribers you will ever need is finally revealed. Nothing is held back here—you get all the secret techniques for getting new subscribers.

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List Building Tutorials For Newbies (normally $17.95)

List Building Tutorials For Newbies

An email marketing expert reveals powerful secrets on how you can build a list from scratch. Not only that but this system is so simple, so straight forward and so quick a newbie will think this was a piece of cake.

By the time you're through watching this video course, you'll see how you can catapult your list building to a new level with these insider secrets.

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List Management Secrets (normally $47.00)

List Management Secrets

Profitable list building and effective management methods will show you how to generate more customers and profit from your number one promotion resource—email.

You can throw out your pre-conceptions about list building and how big your list needs to be for you to succeed. It doesn't matter if you've got a list of zero right now or hundreds, or even thousands. This is proven knowledge that will keep your customers buying from you over and over again; in fact, whenever you ask them to!

Everything is explained about how you can pull in a list of subscribers that will outperform and out-respond one of 7 times the size. It's easy when you know how and it can be done from scratch within just 10 days.

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Magic Email (normally $14.99)

Magic Email

Want to grab your visitors, explode your profits, and send HTML emails like a pro? We'll show you exactly how to do it in just a few simple steps—even if you don't know a single line of HTML code! Generate attractive, eye-catching emails in just minutes. Starting today, any webmaster (beginner or experienced) can affordably and professionally send out HTML sales messages to clients and subscribers.

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Mailing List Gold (normally $37.00)

Mailing List Gold

Not making any money from your mailing list? That is a thing of the past because now you are about to discover how you can profit from your mailing list in every way possible from the moment your subscriber visits your lead capture page until he receives emails from you. Now you can now create your own personal mailing list and make money from it with every ezine issue and email message. Also dodge some of the commonest mistakes made by budding entrepreneurs and Internet marketing novices.

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Mailing List Manager (normally $37.00)

Mailing List Manager

Follow the simple instructions for using 'Mailing List Manager' and you'll triple the results of your marketing efforts, no matter what you are selling. If you're looking for an easy-to-install and easy-to-use program to handle all your mailing requirements, then look no further. If you're not following up your prospects, or you're paying monthly fees, you're flushing your advertising dollars (and profits) down the drain.

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Media Auto Responder (normally $97.00)

Media Auto Responder

Send unlimited text, html, audio and video emails automatically and make your autoresponder emails jump from the ordinary to the extraordinary using this up-to-the-minute email software. If you search the Internet for autoresponder email software, you'll find company after company trying to pass off the same tired old, autoresponder systems. The truth is that they are all selling the same old out-dated autoresponder email systems. 'Media Auto Responder is the only one that's truly 'Web 2.0' compatible.

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Making Money With Autoresponders (normally $47.00)

Making Money With Autoresponders

Here you will find everything you need to start and grow a profitable online business. The in-depth insider secrets the author shares with you will help your profits begin to increase immediately. With this valuable information you can start making money without leaving your home and family. The information in this one ebook will allow you to untie yourself from the business and gain financial freedom.

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Reply E-mail Automator (normally $67.00)

Reply E-mail Automator

This software will cut your email support time down by as much as 1700%. An email response that used to take 5 minutes will now take less than 3 seconds. No matter how automated your site is, there is always going to be a large amount of email to respond to. It doesn't matter if you are selling a product that you ship to your customers or a downloadable product like software or an ebook. There will always be emails that need answering every day. The good news is that about 95% of the questions asked are always the same so now you can deal with those easily.

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Squeeze Page Profit System (normally $17.00)

Squeeze Page Profit System

Make an extra two grand or more this month just by implementing a few proven, and profitable, squeeze page tactics. And get two unique eye-poppin squeeze page templates plus a step-by-step guide to help guarantee your success.

The truth is, if you're not using a sweet and sexy 'grab your customer by the eyeballs' type of squeeze page on your website then there's no doubt you're leaving thousands of dollars in extra profits on the table each month.

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Real Value

As you can see from the list above, not much has been left out of the 'Email Marketing Tools' ValuePak—but it's still only part of the story. We add new things to every ValuePak from time to time, and when we do, we let you know so you can update your collection. In other words, becoming an owner of one of our ValuePak s is a true investment that grows over time.

So how much would you expect to have to pay for such a comprehensive and growing collection of ebooks on the subject? All with Resale Rights too? $50 a month? $25 a month?

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Bonus # 1: You've Got Cash! (normally $24.00)

This is truly a one of a kind, Private Label Rights product that you can immediately offer to members of your list or add to a membership site. Plus, for those that want to take true advantage of this lucrative money-making niche and start building their own targeted list, this is the perfect product to do it with. The squeeze page has been written and optimized for the maximum number of visitors to subscribers and once you've built a list from this product that's truly when your opportunities become endless. Resale Rights included. Click here to view the sales page.

Bonus # 2: Video Squeeze Templates (normally $29.97)

A unique collection of video squeeze newsletter templates with no graphics editing required. Each video squeeze template is professionally designed, sliced, formatted, optimized, and ready to be added to your sales letter in minutes. These are hot video squeeze templates that you may easily edit in less then 5 minutes. Just copy and paste them into your own sales letter, embed your video and you're done. Two template sets are with two background colors (white and black). Unlock this unique collection of pre-built, video squeeze graphic templates and watch your subscription, salesletter and one-time-offer conversion rates go through the roof. Resale Rights included. Click here to view the sales page.

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We also have an amazing, unique and highly profitable affiliate program available exclusively (and completely free) to owners of one (or more) of our ValuePaks. You can earn back the cost of this ValuePak in next to no time, plus lots, lots more! Click here to read about it (opens in a new window so you can get back here just by closing it).


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